Monday, December 28, 2020

One of our better weekends, given the pandemic

First, our son realized that it would be easier to bypass the difficult-to-use "smart" part of our smart TV, so he made it so--he fiddled with (programmed?) his tablet to transmit a movie directly to our TV, and treated all three of us to the second Wonder Woman movie, WW84 (or Wonder Woman [19]84, for us old-fashioned folks).  We enjoyed it thoroughly.  No spoilers!  :)

Then, since we'd had a nice Shabbos (Shabbat, Sabbath) nap and were still awake, we took a trip to  Chava Mirel's Facebook page, scrolled down to the soon-to-disappear Mazon benefit concert video, and topped our movie with a musical night-cap.  Delightful, and with lots of lights--it's actually a Chanukah concert, but wonderful even after the holiday.  I encourage you to watch it (if it's still available online) and make a contribution, if you can, to Mazon:  A Jewish Response to Hunger.

As we were about to go to bed, I took a quick tour of Facebook to try to see whether I'm missed anything I would want to see, and sure enough, I had--Eliana Light had had a sudden yen to sing z'mirot this past Friday, and had posted a spontaneous z'mirot session just before she lit Shabbat candles.  We ended up watching it on Sunday afternoon, of all times, but it was fun, and we hope to participate in future z'mirot sing-alongs with Eliana, preferably on the proper day.  :)

We ended our weekend on a serious note, watching a panel discussion, "Descent into Danger: Jewish Law and the Climate Crisis," presented by the Modern Orthodox Yeshivat Chovevei Torah rabbinical school.  Bottom line:  According to Halachah/Jewish Religious Law, there is an an obligation to save the planet.  If you're serious about a Jewish approach to the unfolding ecological disaster, this is certainly an important video to watch.




We rarely leave our neighborhood these days, since we don't own a car and don't use public transit unless we have a medical appointment--we wish to avoid unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.  But the rest of the world seems to be coming to us, instead.


Possession of a television and a computer and access to the internet are real godsends, and I am very grateful that we're fortunate enough to have them.

[If my spacing looks weird, it's because I'm having great difficulty editing this post, and adding extra spacing where I don't want to add it seems to be the only work-around.  The post seems to have become corrupted, so some words are missing even though *I* can see them on the Edit screen, and there are extra dots, for some unknown reason.  Sorry.]




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